Fallout Shelter Hack – UPDATE 2017 for iOS-Android

Fallout Shelter Hack: How to Absolutely DOMINATE This Awesome Game!

Hey you! Do you love Fallout Shelter? Do you wish that you could progress a little faster? Maybe see some of the more advanced features without having to spend money on pointless microtransactions? Then you’re going to love our little tool! Keep reading to learn more about the awesome game and how our cheat tool is going to help you to generate lunchboxes to build up your shelter meet rare, legendary dwellers and more!

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Step-by-step installation instructions:

  1. Uninstall all previous versions of Fallout Shelter
  2. Download and Install the APK (use the link above)
  3. Extract the download in the Internal Android Folder
  4. Done, Enjoy gaming with unlimited caps, water, energy, …

Are You Ready to Change the Game and Level the Playing Field With Our Awesome Cheat tool?

fallout shelter luncboxesFallout Shelter is an awesome mobile game that no doubt has got that addiction factor down perfectly. It’s one of those games that makes you constantly want to keep on playing, keep on building up your shelter and keep on progressing. It can be immensely rewarding and good fun but it can also end up being something of a money drain!

Why is that? Simple: Fallout Shelter is free-to-play, or what is also sometimes known as ‘Freemium’. That means that the game is free to download and to have a go at but that you need to pay in order to advance as quickly as possible.

There’s an in-game currency here called ‘bottle caps’. The more bottlecaps you have, the more you can build up your shelter in order to fortify it against attackers and to create a happy haven for your game’s denizens. In order to get caps, you can receive them over time as you play.

But if you want to skip that waiting period and if you want to progress your shelter more quickly, then you can buy lunchboxes. Lunchboxes contain a range of different rewards, which include weapons, items and other resources. You can read about it on our site here.

And this is where the term ‘pay to win’ comes from. Pump enough money into the game in the form of microtransactions to purchase the lunchboxes and you can end up crushing all the game and becoming king of the hill. Not exactly fair, is it? Or all that fun even… It basically means that whoever has the most money to spend on the game is the one who will win – a bit like organized sports (ooh, burn!). Be sure to also read our Fallout shelter tips and tricks to double your fun playing!

But that’s where we come in with our awesome hack!

We are the heroes of your shelter, here to level the playing field once and for all and to give you a tool that will allow you to get as many lunchboxes as you need. That’s right! You’ll have an infinite supply of resources that you can use to build your shelter up big and strong and to ensure that all the characters that live there are happy. In short, you’ll unlock all the most exciting features of the game without having to spend a long time and without having to spend lots of money!

The game becomes more fun, you don’t break the bank of useless transactions and things become a lot more fair again.

Sound good? Great! Then keep on reading and find out how our amazing software can help you to conquer the game!

How to Hack Fallout Shelter and Get Limitless Bottlecaps and Lunchboxes Using Our Awesome Hack!

By using what you find on this website, you’re going to be able to get as many lunchboxes and other resources as you need to build up your shelter quickly and effectively!

So how does it work? What’s the catch? How do you get started?

Well, essentially, we have built a fully functional ‘Lunchbox Generator’. It sounds kind of crazy unless you remember that ‘lunchboxes’ are what you buy with in-game currency here…

All you need to do is head over to the generator, which is completely free by the way, add your details and then click to create the free lunchboxes! B

The way this works is by telling the servers that you have made a purchase and thereby crediting your account with the additional tools and resources you’ve ordered! It’s completely free and there’s no catch!

And yes, this works for both Android and iOS. So whether you’re looking for the Fallout Shelter hack Android, or Fallout Shelter hack iOS, you’ll find it here!

So, what can you do with these extras? What are the benefits of using the software? Read on to learn a little more!

DOWNLOAD APK version 1.9 (2017)

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Please follow the step-by-step installation instructions elsewhere on this page.

What is Fallout Shelter?

For those of you who are new to the game, let’s take a moment to look at just what Fallout Shelter is all about, how it works and what a cheat tool can do for you as a result.

Essentially, Fallout Shelter is a freemium game for iOS and Android that was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and Behaviour Interactive.   It was released for both platforms in 2015 and is also available on Microsoft Windows! Yes, our luchbox generator works with that version too!

The game was originally released to coincide with the release of Fallout 4 for major consoles and PCs and to help market the game. However, this is not a ‘companion’ app and is rather its own standalone game in the same vein as Clash of Clans or other Freemium apps.

The game has gotten a lot of positive reviews thanks to the smart humor, the way it builds on the Fallout universe and the eye catching graphics. The only criticism? The microtransactions. By using our tool, you can remove that criticism though and just enjoy the positives!

How to Play Fallout Shelter

Well, in the game, your job is to manage a vault as an overseer. The conceit is that the world has gone to ruin due to a nuclear fallout and people are forced to live in these vaults to survive. You need to keep everyone here happy by ensuring the vault has power, that they have food and water and that you rescue anyone who is stranded outside. You also need to think about resource generation and what the specific skills of your characters are.

The residents of your vault are called ‘dwellers’ and their job is to supply water, energy etc. by working. You can also use them to explore outside (across the wasteland) and to expand the vault by building new areas and adding rooms, resources, training and entertainment. This is where the fallout shelter hack will come in handy!

And here’s the hook of the game: Fallout Shelter is very addictive thanks to how rewarding it is to see your vault expand, to add rooms and to see everyone looking happy and enjoying the space. Exploring the wasteland is fun and you can get quite involved in the lives of your dwellers. It’s a little like a mix of The Sims and Civilization.

So how can you make this all the more enjoyable? Read on and we’ll show you how to hack Fallout Shelter.

So, How Do Microtransactions Work in Fallout Shelter?

So how do microtransactions work? And what is it you get from Lunchboxes?

Well, each lunchbox can contain things like food, water, energy and other resources. It can also contain weapons, outfits, materials, pets and more.

All of these have some value. When you win outfits and weapons for example, you can customize your characters more and help them protect themselves. You can even find ‘rare and legendary dwellers’, who are exciting new members for your vault that will help you to create more resources and that will see you expand even more quickly. Pets are also very exciting!

Using the Fallout Shelter APK Mod, you’ll be able to enjoy all these exciting hidden features, many of which you wouldn’t be able to experience any other way and many of which would cost a lot of money otherwise.

Some of the resources will come at a great time too – if you’ve built up a great vault and now everyone is starving, then that can be very upsetting to watch. Using a Fallout Shelter hack, you can prevent all your work going to ruin by making sure you get all the lunchboxes you need!

In short, when you know how to cheat Fallout Shelter, you’ll be able to create an even more elaborate shelter that will be filled with exciting and rare items. Having done that, you’ll be able to explore the outer areas even more and then build even quicker – really getting everything you possibly can out of the game!

Why Use a it?

If you don’t use the Fallout Shelter hack then the game can quickly become dull.

This is how these games are designed. At first, they are incredibly generous with bottle caps and lunchboxes and you’ll see your vault expand rapidly. Over time though, you’ll get less and less by just playing the game and this is the ‘squeeze’ that is intended to make you pay.

But a lot of us don’t like paying to play games. This is a hobby after all and it’s not like you get to keep any of the things you’ve bought! In a few years, Fallout Shelter might not exist any more – it’s not like paying to own a physical game!

The other problem with these microtransactions, is that there’s an element of randomness. When you buy lunchboxes, they will contain five ‘cards’. These cards will then represent things like rare items, resources, weapons etc. and you are guaranteed to always get at least some rare items for each lunchbox.

But the problem is that the lunchboxes are random! So, if you know what you want, you can spend money and not get it. And that’s very frustrating. If you want a certain pet, you can end up spending a fortune and still not get it!

Using our hacking tool though, you’ll be able to avoid that frustrating possibility and just expand the game exactly as you want to!

DOWNLOAD APK version 1.9 (2017)

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Step-by-step installation instructions:

  1. Uninstall all previous versions of Fallout Shelter
  2. Download and Install the APK (use the link above)
  3. Extract the download in the Internal Android Folder
  4. Done, Enjoy gaming with unlimited caps, water, energy, …

Is There a Risk? Is it Unethical?

Is it wrong to use the Fallout Shelter hack? That’s your call but remember that the game is already made and there’s nothing physical being stolen – the company doesn’t lose money if you wouldn’t have bought the items anyway!

What’s more, is that you could see what they’re doing as unethical – creating an addictive game that requires you to pay to keep playing and that gives you random items in exchange for that payment. They’re being tricky, so there’s nothing wrong with you being a bit tricky too! In that way, we think that we’re helping to discourage freemium games by offering our hacking piece of software right here!

And is there a risk? Yes: if you get caught, then there is a small possibility that your account might get deleted. But that’s hardly the end of the world and the way we designed our Lunchbox Geneartor means that we’ve taken every precaution to prevent this from happening. Bethesda can’t ‘detect’ when someone is using our generator and they won’t be able to prove that a user has gotten their lunchboxes through our tool.

That’s why we recommend that you only use this sparingly – as an occasional way to boost your performance and to get the very most out of the game!

How to Hack Fallout Shelter

So how do you use the tool? Simply follow the link to our Fallout Shelter hack Android, or Fallout Shelter hack iOs and then enter your details. Follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll be walked through how to get more luncboxes in the game instantly and you’ll be able to begin using them right away! B

There’s no catch – it’s completely free! And now the random nature of the lunchboxes becomes a good thing, as you’ll find yourself wondering what you’re going to get! Maybe it will be a new weapon? Maybe it will be lots of bottle caps that you can spend how you like? Or maybe you will get one of the rare legendary characters or one of the pets! Whatever the case, you can be sure it’s going to help you to expand your vault and enjoy the game all the more and then you’ll be able to come back for even more cool bonuses next time!

DOWNLOAD APK version 1.9 (2017)

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Please follow the step-by-step installation instructions elsewhere on this page.